Can a chatbot really boost your sales?

Can a chatbot really boost your ?

Yesterday saw the release of a brand new chatbot building platform called ‘Chit Chat Chimp' and smart marketers everywhere are going bananas over the ! See for yourself >

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As promised, this week we'll talk about the different ways can *POWER UP* your business – Starting today with ! Now as you already know, typical conversions fall somewhere between 1% – 5% – That means, even on a good day, 95 out of every 100 potential customers who visit your site will leave empty handed. THAT SUCKS! But we've come to expect it – It's a ‘norm'… But it doesn't have to be. If you work hard to bring traffic to your site (or pay for the privilege) it's a HUGE waste of time and money.

A chatbot can help in different ways, here's just two of them: ANSWERING PRE-SALES QUESTIONS: No matter how good your sales copy, it will never answer every question your prospects have. They'll have lots, all racing round their minds while their mouse fingers hover over your buy buttons. The more questions left unanswered, the less likely you'll ever get to see their cash. SO BUILD A BOT! Answer their questions immediately. End doubts right on the page and remove any resistance to speed your buyers through to a completed sale. There's an added benefit too: Because your bot saves unanswered questions (and all chat logs) you'll be sitting on a GOLDMINE OF DATA and insight you've never had before.

With Chit Chat Chimp you can use this valuable intel to tweak your sales pitch or restructure your offers making them even more attractive. Check out the ‘Sales Bot Beth' example on this page

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(and yes you could even use your chat bot to give a link direct to your cart page) OFFERING INCENTIVES TO GET SALES: Sometimes even the best offers need a little ‘something extra' to tip people over the buying line. Set up your chat bot to ‘bribe' a customer into buying right now. You can pre-load your bot with questions and answers along with custom greeting messages. So why not set the tone with an incentive? Train your bot to offer special bonuses, discount coupons, free shipping, two for ones, extended guarantees, trials or other perks that you know will encourage visitors to take action right there and then. If you leave visitors to go away and ‘think things over' then most likely you've already lost the sale.

A chat bot is the PERFECT way to implement this tactic making the visitor feel special and rewarded. Using a chat bot also WORKS BETTER than just offering a perk somewhere on your page where it will be easily missed. It certainly doesn't feel like an ‘extra' to your visitor because everyone gets it. When it's offered by bot IT FEELS REAL, it feels special in the same way when a salesman in a store adds something extra to ‘sweeten the deal' for you in person. Try both of these ideas out today and I guarantee you'll see immediate positive results in your marketing. Go build a sales bot and the service will ramp up your conversions right now.

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You can add bots to any kind of page for any of your online companies or businesses including Shopify stores, WordPress sites (great for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads) and they work equally well with mobile too 🙂 To Your Success P.S. In fact there's lot's more… Behind the main bot building platform offer there is a ‘Pro Pack' add-on – This comes with even more cool conversion boosting extras – Things like ‘Exit Intent' and ‘Engagement Activated' bot triggers designed to maximize conversions to the limit! Read more about those once you've SECURED YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT RIGHT HERE

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