New Technology

Marketing Tools Bot : My Latest Marketing Tool

Marketing Tools Bot : My latest Marketing Tool Twitter didn’t generate substantial FREE business leads for AS Consulting until I came across Bluebird Traffic Machine (BTM), which is an efficient and highly targeted Marketing Tools Bot. We are always looking for a way to make our lives easier by using […]

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What is a Chatbot ? – Training Bots

What is a Chatbot ? – Training Bots Boost Conversion With A ‘Training’ Bot. We’ve been talking about the different ways you can use chatbots to power up your business – We’ve already covered sales, support and feedback gathering, now we’re looking at TRAINING… How does it work? Now this type […]

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What is a Chatbot ? – FeedbackBots

What is a Chatbot ? – FeedbackBots Need Visitor Feedback? Don’t use a poll use a bot… If you’re an affiliate, blogger or if you sell your own products online from home, listen up because this will show you how to get all the valuable feedback you need from visitors […]

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