Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for Online Success

Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for Online Success

Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for Online Success helps online Businesses that are struggling to promote their products and services.


Most people who use Facebook aren’t “searching” for a product that will add more value to their lives; they’re searching for that next funny or emotional status update, a trending piece of news or information, or even just a simple distraction. For you, as an e-commerce store owner, this is your ultimate opportunity.


The power of Facebook ads allows you to evoke the same emotion and curiosity that people crave when they log-in on their computer or phone—except you'll be able to introduce who you are, and the value you can bring to their lives. Shopify’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs teaches you everything you need to know in order to successfully—and profitably—use Facebook Ads for your e-commerce business.


Shopify’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs teaches you everything you need to know in order to successfully—and profitably—use Facebook Ads for your e-commerce online store.

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Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for Online Success

In order for you to succeed with a Facebook Advertising Marketing campaign, you need to understand the following to serve relevant ads:-

  • Why Facebook ads for your Biz ?
  • Creating your Facebook advertising account
  • The Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ad Types
  • Targeting Different Audiences
  • Retargeting and Custom Audiences
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Budgets
  • Building a Facebook Sales Funnel
  • Bots / Facebook Messenger
  • Frequency
  • Reporting


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Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs for Online Success

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Sales Lead Generation Services

Sales Lead Generation Services

Sales Lead Generation Services

Your 21st Century Solution to Sales Leads

What is the difference between our sales lead generation services and our competitors?

We will make customers call YOUR company for your products and services using cutting edge cloud technology. This is ideal for strategic sales & marketing.

Additionally, we will leave a personalised recorded message on new customers callbox, asking them to contact YOU if they are interested in your products and services. Consequently, only actively interested customers call you back, so you focus your time on solid customer leads who are excited by your offerings. This makes this an ideal callbox lead generation service.

Email us HERE or phone us HERE for our sales leads generation services and to alleviate the stress of selling. Alternatively go straight to our Sales page and order 200 Ringless Voicemails now.

Your Time is Valuable

We have made the whole customer acquisition process as simple and effective as possible. We are one of the top lead generation companies for contractors and one of the top b2b lead generation companies.

Just look at the statistics- open voicemail rates are 4 times more than open email rates.

Our product ensures:

  • You stop wasting your time on customers who aren't interested.
  • Your business can call more customers now than your sales team currently calls in a week.
  • You can let the system take the stress, which allows you to focus on sales success.
  • Your business can see results within days and receive a report on the successful results of your sales actions.
  • You can work with a proven system that simply generates ROI.
  • You can highly target your customers based on their demographics.

Email us HERE or phone us HERE to alleviate the stress of selling.

More about our Sales Leads Generation Services

Our Ringless Sales Leads System is legal as it does NOT involve an active call, and the setting ensures the phone does NOT ring. Moreover, the system complies with FCC rules on non-intrusive forms of marketing communication.

It is a safe and effective way of communicating with your future customers and improving your business. In addition, it overcomes the obstacles of Traditional Marketing Communication which are costly and ineffectual.

You can contact over 200 million potential customers using our top Ringless Sales Leads System. The system directly contacts customers on their mobile phone. Furthermore, it allows you to contact targeted customers within a specified area without annoying them first. Moreover, it can be used with consumers or b2b. Please see HERE for a review and a couple of case studies where Ringless Sales Leads Generation Services were found to be a huge success for companies.

Why not give us a try? What do you have to lose? Email us HERE or phone us HERE to make an appointment and alleviate the stress of selling. Alternatively go straight to our Sales page and order 200 Ringless Voicemails now.

I hope you found this post on sales lead generation services helpful.

Read our blog for more tips and to connect with our social media. 

Sales Lead Generation Services

Also, we are not one of those lead generation companies in USA or lead generation companies in India. Furthermore, we deal with lead generation companies real estate. Additionally, we should be on the top of your lead generation companies list. Consequently, we care for our clients and want them to use this system to their advantage. 

Free BlueBird Traffic Machine Training

Free BlueBird Traffic Machine Training

This Free Bluebird Traffic Machine Training will help you leverage your Twitter accounts to Build your online Business.

Free Training Video


Free BlueBird Traffic Machine Training

AS Consulting




Click HERE for More Information.

Marketing Tools Bot : My Latest Marketing Tool

Marketing Tools Bot : My latest Marketing Tool

Twitter didn’t generate substantial FREE business leads for AS Consulting until I came across Bluebird Traffic Machine (BTM), which is an efficient and highly targeted Marketing Tools Bot. We are always looking for a way to make our lives easier by using Smarter Working Practices or Technologies. And searching for leads on Twitter and responding to them individually is simply too time-consuming and let’s be honest, boring as hell as it is very repetitive. Well BTM doesn’t have a problem with time or boredom. BTM is a Smart Marketing system where a BOT uses Boolean Search Logic to target Potential Customers in the 300+ million Twitter User Database and sends them an automated Marketing message(s) (with a link for more information.) It’s easy to set up the set the Boolean Twitter search. The search for Property buyers in San Francisco would be: “Property” AND “Buyer” OR “Purchaser” OR “Buy” OR “Purchase” AND “San Francisco” The automated Marketing message might read: – ‘I noticed you are interested in buying a property in San Francisco and you may be interested in our newly built and high-quality flats just in the center, which are almost sold out. Please see the link for more information.’ In fact, you really  should have ten similar Marketing messages to ensure Twitter doesn't view your messages as SPAM. I use BTM myself and am happy with the new and FREE business leads which run on Autopilot, once the system is properly set-up, which takes 1-2 hours, but works 24/7 for your business for the foreseeable future. AS Consulting If you would like more information on this Marketing Tools Bot, BTM, please Click this LINK. Alternatively, you can watch the FREE training. If you would like my help to set up your automated business leads, please contact me at simon.weiner@asconsulting.com.pl

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting

Should you have a Google Business Listing ?

Should you have a Google Business Listing ?

Since you definitely want to be found on the web, your business really needs a Verified Google Business Listing (GMB). In addition to having an up-to-date customer friendly, and search optimized engine (SEO) website , AS Consulting simply supports using GMB, given Google controls approximately 75% of the search (engine) market. Google My Business is a FREE & simple to use tool for listing your business on Google. It's invaluable for marketing!

The Advantages of a Verified GM Listing are:

  • Online Business Directory including all relevant biz data.
  • All data in the verified listing is clickable.
  • All of the Business Data is properly displayed on any device.
  • It's available to both local and online
  • You can post photos and videos about your business.
  • Access to Google metrics on your business
  • GMB drives targeted traffic to your website
  • Customers can read and write reviews.
  • FREE

GMB offers the best single digital location (or locations) to list all of your businesses data and information, while displaying images and videos of your business. Plus, as an added benefit, the service also helps your local businesses website address to appear in search engine results, Google maps and Google+ pages and searches. Why Google? Because it is where most people go to find your business! AS Consulting offers help to Clients with the Google My Business as well as Local Rank Services to help Clients boost their Business and Profits. But, if you have plenty of free time, and want to arrange your Google Business Listings yourself, you can also do that by clicking here to claim your business listing and take the 1st step. You’ll be taken through the whole the process to finally be listed – and this may include a verification call which YOU both manage and control.

If you would prefer AS Consulting to help you boost your business' Sales and Revenues by Managing and Ranking your GMB on the 1st Page of Google Search, please email us at simon.weiner@asconsulting.top

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting


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