Your very Own Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host

Your very Own Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host

In General

How are you Greeting and Saying Goodbye to your website visitors? Why don't you let a Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host help you? Did you know that, in general, 90% of website visitors never come back to your site? Surely, it’s time you started creating a closer relationship with them from the moment they visit your website. It is a bit like with dating. Imagine you have just met this incredible person and you want to meet him/her again. Wouldn't you like to get the contact details of this person so you can meet again?

Did you know that one of Google’s ranking criteria is the amount of time your website customer spends on your site? So, don’t you want them to stay longer? Again, using the dating analogy, the longer they stay, the better they will get to know you (and hopefully want another date). Luckily, now you can have a friendlier (and longer) relationship with your online customer, as the simple but effective high technology marketing solution is at hand.


You can have a Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host welcome them to your website. The bot chat with your customers about your business, products and special offers. You can choose the text the chatbot says! The ai chatbot could ask your customers to sign up to your mailing list so you can send them information about great deals in the future. And because the Avatar Hosts are still new and exciting, they will wow your visitors.

Have a look at this simple example of a Website Greeting. Moreover, you can have an Avatar Host for each post and page on your site. That way they can keep the customer longer on your website, looking at your products and services, very much like a helpful shop assistant. And when the visitor wants to leave your site (by trying to close his browser tab), you can ‘STOP’ him by proposing a special offer (using our exit intent technology). The Virtual Host could suggest then a discount coupon or another great deal if the customer signs up on your mailing list. This Exit Avatar will not only keep people longer on your site, but it will also help you convert more sales and leads than if your visitors simply left your website (never to return). Have a look at this example of a Website Farewell.

The Details

  • Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host s come in three forms: Human, 2D Animated and 3D Animated. In most cases, 3D is the best option as it keeps the customers’ attention  the longest.
  • You can have many Avatars on the same Page or Post, depending on their purpose.
  • We will make your Customer Service Avatar as per your requirements based on the form you will have to complete.
  • After you have double-checked a special link for your website (which includes the Avatar), it is a simple question of loading it on your site.
  • All Avatars can be updated as and when required.

Please have a look at our examples to determine which suits you best. Once you decided, please complete the form in the link so we can work together to produce the Talking Robot Customer Service Avatar Host that works for you and your customers. Chatbots are the key to create a new future for your business- bots will help build your platform.

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting
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