Build a support bot and never look back…

Build a support bot and never look back…

This week we've been talking about chatbots and in particular the cool ones you build in just a few minutes with a new bot building software called ‘Chit Chat Chimp' Did you see it yet? AS Consulting

Please Click HERE for Further Information and to buy this BOT.

Yesterday we talked about SALES and today we'll cover SUPPORT Here's why YOU NEED a bot: In a recent survey at PromoteLabs over 70% of web business owners said they spend an average 15 minutes per day answering support and pre/post sale questions. That's not HUGE but it stacks up fast and as your business grows so do the demands on your time.

SUPPORT COMES WITH A COST! If you outsource: 15 Minutes Per Day @ $20 Per Hour = $1,800 a year If you do it yourself: It's 90 hours you could be doing more productive tasks. Which means – A chatbot built to handle support will save you money or give you back LOTS of time! Here's just a few ways a bot has the ability to help: – Keep customers happy with 24/7 ‘always there' good support. – Save time by answering repetitive or common questions. – Reduce refunds by helping frustrated/confused buyers of your item. – Save costs of live chat or helpdesk services fees. – Minimize support staffing costs.

And unlike real support staff team, your bots won't get tired, they won't arrive late at the office and they'll never call in sick 🙂 You could teach your bot to answer common questions like: “Do you have set up instructions/videos” “How can I access my products/downloads” “How do I install this app/software” “How do I reset my password?” “Where are the set up instructions?” “How do I unzip a file” “Do you have an affiliate program” “Can I get a discount” “How much is shipping to … ” And potentially thousands more – SEE MORE EXAMPLES

AS Consulting

Please Click HERE for Further Information/ a guide and to buy this BOT.

Training a support bot will likely be an ongoing process but you only ever need to answer a question once. Once you've saved an answer, the next time someone asks your bot that question it will know how to reply and respond accordingly. An easy way to create a great first impression in seconds, and it's a champion in giving you more free time. And the cool thing is if you get ChitChatChimp today you'll benefit from: ZERO CHAT LIMITS – Your bots can have UNLIMITED monthly chats. NO ANSWER LIMITS – No limits on how many answers you add to your bot. NO TRICKY CODING – Create your first bot in just a few minutes. Don't Miss Out on the game – Build Your Bot Today. The speed at which it learns is amazing- there's nothing else on its level!

AS Consulting

Please Click HERE for Further Information and to buy this BOT.

To Your Success P.S. Watch for my email tomorrow I have another bot building idea that I know you'll love!

Mobile Apps for Boosting Your Business

We have created a new business unit , Techno Review , to build Mobile Apps to boost your business.

? iPhone & Android support

[dropcap dropcp_first_letter=”W” dropcp_style=”dropcape-simple” dropcp_text=”e build your mobile app in for both Apple & Android.”/]


? Mobile Apps Slick design

The mobile app we build for your small to medium sized business will be well researched and targeted specifically for your audience. We have a vast experience of building apps in many different markets. Let us show you what an app could look like for your business. Visit our Mobile App sister site today by clicking HERE  

? Easily customizable

Your App. Your Features.

  • Provide loyalty schemes
  • Coupons for discounts and free products
  • Use the app to reward referrals
  • Password protect app for premium clients allowing a paid service
  • Charge for your app on the app store
  • Send web traffic to your apps download page to get more online customers

 ? Interaction To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

  • Allow customers to book appointments online
  • Provide training videos
  • Display PDF’S In Your App
  • Send Push Notifications
  • Sell branded tee-shirts And Item
  • All social media in one place

Finally, this development can save you lots of time and energy in marketing towards users or other businesses. Thus, these services can up your productivity. For additional information, please click our Business Mobile Apps sister site:  HERE

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting


How to Outsell on Amazon Using Shopify

How to Outsell on Amazon Using Shopify

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business

Small Business Ideas: How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business

Shopify with Amazon

The new Shopify integration with Amazon makes it so much easier to include your products on the world’s largest online marketplace and get next-level brand visibility. Thankfully, you can forget about trying to reach customers by email about your commerce or ecommerce. This app saves your free time while improving your marketing and work. While your online store showcases your brand and offers the most control over customer experience, expanding the ways you sell with Shopify allows you to do even more. For the right businesses, selling on Amazon can increase sales by reaching new shoppers who are not familiar with your company. Shopify’s Amazon sales channel allow you:

  • Firstly, create new Amazon listings in Fashion, Apparel and Accessories directly from Shopify
  • Then, for products that exist on Amazon, create offers directly from Shopify in any category
  • Then, sync product details, variants and images to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Link Shopify products with your existing Amazon listings for any category
  • Consequently, set unique price and reserve inventory just for Amazon listings
  • Fortunately, easily reconcile revenue from Amazon sales using Shopify reports
  • Sync inventory tracked by Shopify with Amazon listing
  • Finally, fulfill Amazon orders directly from Shopify

Continue reading for full details on how to sell on Amazon using Shopify! AS Consulting


For more information on Shopify, please Click on one of the Links below:

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Simon Weiner Author of Supercharge Your Business
Simon Weiner, Author of Supercharge Your Business
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