How does Your Business compare with the Local Business Competition ?


The Snapshot Report Compares your Business with the Local Competition and, consequently, forms the basis for a Business Action Plan.

If you want more Web Business Traffic to Boost your Sales, firstly, you should focus on 4 areas of information to increase your search traffic: listings, reviews, social media, and websites.

The starting point is the Snapshot Report.

Firstly, your Local Business Snapshot Report will check your business directory listings. Then, it will check how your customers feel about your business, which websites your business isn't listed on, and how your business ranks against the local competition / competitors in your market. Finally, it will check how effective your social media presence is.

The Snapshot Report will give Your Business a detailed Grade on everything from your Listings to your Website.

Snapshot Scorecard
Snapshot Scorecard

Please complete the following form to receive your personal Snapshot Report. Given the level of detail, it may take up to 3 days to prepare. This planning service is ideal for small to medium sized online businesses.   [mc4wp_form id=”3337″]

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