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SEO Audit Tool

SEO Audit Tool

Why not use this FREE SEO Audit Tool (please wait for PoPup) to analyze and optimise your Website to increase your Customer Traffic and Revenues from Google Search or other Search Engines?

If you need help with improving your SEO to dramatically improve your Ranking on Google Search, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

Currently, you could be losing a lot of Organic Google Search Traffic and Paying Customers, simply because you have not met some simple but fundamental requirements for great SEO. What is stopping you from making those SEO improvements and Growing your Business Revenues? This SEO Audit Tool will help you identify the issues that need fixing.

Customers can find your web products and services on Google Search either by Organic or Paid Search.

Organic Search signifies that the Customer finds you based on keywords you have included on your website or in your posts. Your website needs to be optimised so that Google Search views you as Authoritative and will send you Customers via Search. If your website is not optimised then Google will probably NOT send you Organic Search Customers if there is a better alternative Authority website.

If you need help with improving your SEO to dramatically improve your Ranking on Google Search, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

Alternatively, Google will certainly send you paid Search Customers. However, you need to pay Google in terms of Adwords to send you Customer. This can be very expensive as you are paying for Customers to visit your site and not necessarily buy from you.

Therefore the better option is Organic Search and making your Website optimised for Google Search. The SEO Audit Tool will help up identify the areas that need improvement so you can score on Google Organic Seach.


If you need help with improving your SEO to dramatically improve your Ranking on Google Search, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE. Services AS Consulting offers include Mobile Apps , Online Presence , Reputation Management, Reputation Monitoring & Chatbots amongst others.

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SEO Audit Tool

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Try Samcart for FREE

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Samcart Trial

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Samcart Trial
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Its Easy —Don't Take My Word For It!!

SamCart rocks! Its Easy.

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Free today

Free Today

Hey, there — just wanted to give you a heads up about something important in case you are free today.

It's something I'm clearing my calendar for to make sure I can attend, and it's happening today.


It's a free master-class where Brian Moran, the guy behind the new shopping cart software SamCart, is revealing what he calls “The 4X Formula.”

Inside this live training, Brian (and his brother Scott) are giving away the exact blueprint they used to take their tiny baseball website from $810/mo in sales to $3,240/mo.

A year later, he applied the same blueprint to another business and within 6 months they were generating $183,274 per month.

And today, he's revealing exactly how he did it, including:

  1. The 10 simple elements you need to have on your checkout page if you want to stop losing over 80% of your potential customers right before they buy…
  2. The 1 easy-to-create page that convinces every single customer to spend twice as much money with you…
  3. 6 proven ways to double the profits of your business, even if you only have 1 product to sell…
  4. A behind-the-scenes look into my own checkout process so you can see how I generate 4X more sales than my competitors…
  5. And a whole lot more!

    If you think knowing about even ONE of those things would help your business, then block out time to attend the webinar now. It's FREE – so what have you got to lose?


They don't do these very often, so if you miss it you might not have another chance to attend one again for a long time.

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I'll be watching right alongside you, taking notes. 

I hope you enjoyed this post on free today and hope you had time to checkout the free webinar.

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Why AWeber

Why AWeber ?

Please watch this Business Marketing Video and take Advantage of the Free Trial



Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

I hope you enjoyed this video marketing post from Aweber

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