The easiest way to grow your business

The easiest way to grow your business that you’re probably not doing

The world of marketing is constantly changing. It seems that every
couple of months, there’s a shiny new social platform or trend that
catches our eyes.
But there’s one reliable tactic that I always use, and which has a tendency
to fall under the radar: email marketing.
When you send emails to subscribers, you gain a simple way to
communicate with your audience. Whether you want to share a new
blog post, invite them to an upcoming event, or simply ask them a
question, email is the most reliable channel of communicating with a
group of people.
But to power your email marketing, you need the right tools at your
fingertips. For me, AWeber’s email marketing platform has provided the
best solution for my email needs. Between their sign up form generator,

automation capabilities, award-winning customer support and more,
you truly get everything you need to launch a simple or robust email

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experience during their free 30-day trial. To sign up, simply click HERE

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Even more simple ways for growing your list

Even more simple ways for growing your list

I discussed a few simple methods for building your email list in 2 previous posts: – Reasons why you need an email list ASAP and Simple ways of building your email list. Here are some even more simple ways for growing your list of people and improving your content. This is a sign for you to start creating a list!

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#1. The Comments Opt-Ins (Subscriber Magnet)

This is also a paid way to get more email subscribers. Max Blog Press released a really cool WordPress plugin called Subscribers Magnet that allows you to give your commentators the opportunity to join your email list with just one click.

It has other cool little features, but the reason I got my hands on it was simply because of that comment feature – I got decent results.

#2. The Facebook Opt-In

Those who are big on social media strategies are all over this method, but anyone getting into Facebook marketing should know that Facebook allows you to add HTML code to your page.

Facebook gets a lot of traffic, and the viral aspect of it might just mean a lot of leads for you. I’m not a Facebook Expert at all, but I know my way around.

#3 End of Post Opt-In Form

In this example, Corbett is growing his RSS subscribers as oppose to his email list – but the same can be done to grow your email subscribers.

At the end of each post, add the option to become email subscribers in exchange for a cool free offer. You can see how I do this at the end of this post.

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Start sending those emails now to help improve your business!

Let me know what you think, your results, and anything else regarding building your list or making money online.

How to Grow Your Business with Shopify Tools

Shopify Online Store

Expand Your Business with Shopify Tools

Developing your own e-commerce business is no easy task. From choosing a product, evaluating viability and sourcing, to building, launching and growing sales, there are a lot of puzzle pieces to put together.

Fortunately, Shopify Tools provides entrepreneurs with resources to simplify this process, Consequently, they can build, launch and grow a profitable ecommerce business without a physical store. Thus, it's perfect in giving you more free time to focus on your products. Additionally, this is all within your grasp. Below are just a few examples of the business tools Shopify provides:

Learn more about Shopify Tools  to simplify starting and scaling your business. 

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For more information on Shopify, please Click on one of the Links below:

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Simon Weiner Author of Supercharge Your Business
Simon Weiner, Author of Supercharge Your Business
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