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What STU MCLAREN Absolutely Hates


It was a massive $3.2 million launch. No. 3.2 million is NOT What STU MCLAREN Absolutely Hates

With thousands and thousands of transactions. Hundreds of affiliates.

And TONS of opportunities for any number of things to go wrong.

What happened?


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Unexpected glitches? Near disasters? Surprise windfalls?

Find out now in this revealing case study about WishList Member co-founder Stu McLaren's epic August 2016 product launch.

In addition to getting the nitty gritty on the ups and downs of this huge promotion, you'll also get inside the mind of one of today's greatest marketing minds.

(Plus you'll also discover what REALLY motivates him to to make millions helping top entrepreneurs build hugely successful businesses online.)

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Then grab your 30-Day FREE Trial of SamCart Basic — a plan that's packed with everything you need to get your business off the ground in the absolute EASIEST way possible — now at a price that anyone can afford.

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Artificial Intelligence Meets Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Meets Marketing…

AS Consulting

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Whether you own an offline business or an online one, whether you're selling a product or a service, you know that keeping ahead of the trends is one of the most
VITAL elements you need in marketing! 

Did you know that research shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website? That's a lot less time than people previously thought. Additionally, instead of tracking article views, we should focus on viewing time and page engagement.  

What can you do to get more engagement?

Artificial Intelligence Meets Marketing

AI is the future! A.I.W.I.S stands for Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System.
This technology can learn, grow and understand your visitor's actions and create better contact between your company and your potential clients. It provides better insights than ever imagined! Thus, it is allowed to create personalised bespoke marketing messages that REALLY engage with your visitors. 

In this case, a machine is definitely better than a human! The AI is constantly learning and is the best thing I've found on the market. 

AS Consulting

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How does Your Business compare with the Local Business Competition ?


The Snapshot Report Compares your Business with the Local Competition and, consequently, forms the basis for a Business Action Plan.

If you want more Web Business Traffic to Boost your Sales, firstly, you should focus on 4 areas of information to increase your search traffic: listings, reviews, social media, and websites.

The starting point is the Snapshot Report.

Firstly, your Local Business Snapshot Report will check your business directory listings. Then, it will check how your customers feel about your business, which websites your business isn't listed on, and how your business ranks against the local competition / competitors in your market. Finally, it will check how effective your social media presence is.

The Snapshot Report will give Your Business a detailed Grade on everything from your Listings to your Website.

Snapshot Scorecard
Snapshot Scorecard

Please complete the following form to receive your personal Snapshot Report. Given the level of detail, it may take up to 3 days to prepare. This planning service is ideal for small to medium sized online businesses.   [mc4wp_form id=”3337″]

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