Marketing Tools Bot : My Latest Marketing Tool

Marketing Tools Bot : My latest Marketing Tool

Twitter didn’t generate substantial FREE business leads for AS Consulting until I came across Bluebird Traffic Machine (BTM), which is an efficient and highly targeted Marketing Tools Bot. We are always looking for a way to make our lives easier by using Smarter Working Practices or Technologies. And searching for leads on Twitter and responding to them individually is simply too time-consuming and let’s be honest, boring as hell as it is very repetitive. Well BTM doesn’t have a problem with time or boredom. BTM is a Smart Marketing system where a BOT uses Boolean Search Logic to target Potential Customers in the 300+ million Twitter User Database and sends them an automated Marketing message(s) (with a link for more information.) It’s easy to set up the set the Boolean Twitter search. The search for Property buyers in San Francisco would be: “Property” AND “Buyer” OR “Purchaser” OR “Buy” OR “Purchase” AND “San Francisco” The automated Marketing message might read: – ‘I noticed you are interested in buying a property in San Francisco and you may be interested in our newly built and high-quality flats just in the center, which are almost sold out. Please see the link for more information.’ In fact, you really  should have ten similar Marketing messages to ensure Twitter doesn't view your messages as SPAM. I use BTM myself and am happy with the new and FREE business leads which run on Autopilot, once the system is properly set-up, which takes 1-2 hours, but works 24/7 for your business for the foreseeable future. AS Consulting If you would like more information on this Marketing Tools Bot, BTM, please Click this LINK. Alternatively, you can watch the FREE training. If you would like my help to set up your automated business leads, please contact me at

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting
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