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Even more simple ways for growing your list

Even more simple ways for growing your list

I discussed a few simple methods for building your email list in 2 previous posts: – Reasons why you need an email list ASAP and Simple ways of building your email list. Here are some even more simple ways for growing your list of people and improving your content. This is a sign for you to start creating a list!

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#1. The Comments Opt-Ins (Subscriber Magnet)

This is also a paid way to get more email subscribers. Max Blog Press released a really cool WordPress plugin called Subscribers Magnet that allows you to give your commentators the opportunity to join your email list with just one click.

It has other cool little features, but the reason I got my hands on it was simply because of that comment feature – I got decent results.

#2. The Facebook Opt-In

Those who are big on social media strategies are all over this method, but anyone getting into Facebook marketing should know that Facebook allows you to add HTML code to your page.

Facebook gets a lot of traffic, and the viral aspect of it might just mean a lot of leads for you. I’m not a Facebook Expert at all, but I know my way around.

#3 End of Post Opt-In Form

In this example, Corbett is growing his RSS subscribers as oppose to his email list – but the same can be done to grow your email subscribers.

At the end of each post, add the option to become email subscribers in exchange for a cool free offer. You can see how I do this at the end of this post.

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Start sending those emails now to help improve your business!

Let me know what you think, your results, and anything else regarding building your list or making money online.

Simple ways of building your email list

Simple ways of building your email list

I’m not gonna start this post preaching about the “money being in the list” because you’ve heard it, one too many times. So Simple ways of building your email list are critical to your online success and improving your content to increase your business and subscribers.

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I’d rather just get right to the chase and tell you how to build one.

Cool? – Great.. let’s go.

Most people, when setting out to build their email list, only focus on one or two ways of doing it.

This is good to start with, but once you see the true power you have by owning an email list, you’re gonna want to get a bigger one.

#1 The Blog Landing Page…
The blog landing page is used by most social bloggers and it's time for you to use it as well. This is where you offer a free lead magnet (a report, video series, audio interview, e-course, etc) in exchange for the visitors' email address.

The great things about these pages are that you can create them in as little as 15 minutes. Just head over to your WordPress dashboard, create a new page, add whatever you want it to say, offer them something for free, and finally include your opt-in form.

#2. The Sidebar Offer…
This is another commonly used method of growing an email list. Most bloggers place an opt-in form on their sidebar in order to capture email addresses and grow their list.

The general rule is to place it on the top right-hand side so that it’s visible to every one of your visitors. But some people put them on the post, or next to the blog’s header. Experiment with placement to see what works best for you.

#3. The Pop Up (Light Box)
This is by far the easiest ones to add, in my opinion, but it’s not Free. People have their own opinions about popups, all I can say is that they’ve worked for me.

For 77 bucks you can get hold of a beautifully designed PopUp Light Box called PopUp Domination and increase your opt-ins. You must know, however, that it’s not magic. Your free offer still needs to grab your visitors’ attention, and entice them enough to opt-in.

For some awesome tricks for growing your list rapidly and easily, please Click HERE for your Free Cheat Sheet & e-book and Succeed Now by building your email list (especially on your own website – if you have one). Take this as a sign- improve your list and send more emails to gain more customers.

In the meantime, do some more digging on the above-mentioned methods and try to implement at least one of them into one of your email marketing campaigns.

Today The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing


Today The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing…

A brand new chatbot builder ‘ChitChatChimp' is now live and I urge you to check it out right away. Stop the inaction in your life! Why? Because a cutting edge chatbot could REVOLUTIONIZE your business! AS Consulting

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Chat bots are growing in popularity amongst people all over the world. You may have already interacted with one yourself! However, you might not have considered the INCREDIBLE BENEFITS your own chatbot (or multiple chatbots) could deliver for your business. So it's time to take a good look at what's happening around you right now. – Domino's Pizza uses a bot to accept food orders. – KLM's bot delivers boarding & flight time info. – Activision's bot engages fans of its Call of Duty series. – The Guardian newspaper's bot delivers news to readers. – Amazon's Alexa is forecast to be worth $20 Billion by 2020!

As you can see, bots are everywhere and for smart business they're becoming ESSENTIAL (2017 With good reason is set to become “the year of the bot”). The problem is until now they've only benefited the deep-pocketed blue chips, tech giants like Apple and Microsoft or businesses able to devote months to coding and training them. With ChitChatChimp all that changes! The good news is that a bot now DOESN'T have to come with a four figure plus price tag, they WON'T take you months to program and code (you can create a bot in minutes with ChitChatChimp) and you can start right away, whatever kind of business you have. -> Build your first bot in minutes with ChitChatChimp AS Consulting

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Over the next few days we'll talk about the different ways bots can power up business, ease workload, engage with your audience and generate more revenue. So stay tuned because this is going to be TRULY EXCITING STUFF that can change the way you work and the way your business prospers in the coming months. Ignoring this is the wrong decision. For today, this is a sign to seize the moment and act. Follow the momentum, take action and go check out this top incredible new software!

 AS Consulting

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To Your Success P.S. There is a fun demo bot called ‘Chit Chat Chimp' on the page. Why not go chat with “him” and get an idea of how your bot could interact with your visitors. Feel free to ask him anything!

Your very Own Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host


Your very Own Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host

In General

How are you Greeting and Saying Goodbye to your website visitors? Why don't you let a Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host help you? Did you know that, in general, 90% of website visitors never come back to your site? Surely, it’s time you started creating a closer relationship with them from the moment they visit your website. It is a bit like with dating. Imagine you have just met this incredible person and you want to meet him/her again. Wouldn't you like to get the contact details of this person so you can meet again?

Did you know that one of Google’s ranking criteria is the amount of time your website customer spends on your site? So, don’t you want them to stay longer? Again, using the dating analogy, the longer they stay, the better they will get to know you (and hopefully want another date). Luckily, now you can have a friendlier (and longer) relationship with your online customer, as the simple but effective high technology marketing solution is at hand.



You can have a Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host welcome them to your website. The bot chat with your customers about your business, products and special offers. You can choose the text the chatbot says! The ai chatbot could ask your customers to sign up to your mailing list so you can send them information about great deals in the future. And because the Avatar Hosts are still new and exciting, they will wow your visitors.

Have a look at this simple example of a Website Greeting. Moreover, you can have an Avatar Host for each post and page on your site. That way they can keep the customer longer on your website, looking at your products and services, very much like a helpful shop assistant. And when the visitor wants to leave your site (by trying to close his browser tab), you can ‘STOP’ him by proposing a special offer (using our exit intent technology). The Virtual Host could suggest then a discount coupon or another great deal if the customer signs up on your mailing list. This Exit Avatar will not only keep people longer on your site, but it will also help you convert more sales and leads than if your visitors simply left your website (never to return). Have a look at this example of a Website Farewell.

The Details

  • Customer Service Talking Robot Avatar Host s come in three forms: Human, 2D Animated and 3D Animated. In most cases, 3D is the best option as it keeps the customers’ attention  the longest.
  • You can have many Avatars on the same Page or Post, depending on their purpose.
  • We will make your Customer Service Avatar as per your requirements based on the form you will have to complete.
  • After you have double-checked a special link for your website (which includes the Avatar), it is a simple question of loading it on your site.
  • All Avatars can be updated as and when required.

Please have a look at our examples to determine which suits you best. Once you decided, please complete the form in the link so we can work together to produce the Talking Robot Customer Service Avatar Host that works for you and your customers. Chatbots are the key to create a new future for your business- bots will help build your platform.

Simon Weiner CEO
Simon Weiner, CEO AS Consulting
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