Build a support bot and never look back…

Build a support and never look back…

This week we've been talking about chatbots and in particular the cool ones you build in just a few minutes with a new building software called ‘Chit Chat Chimp' Did you see it yet? AS Consulting

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Yesterday we talked about SALES and today we'll cover SUPPORT Here's why YOU NEED a : In a recent survey at PromoteLabs over 70% of web business owners said they spend an average 15 minutes per day answering support and pre/post sale questions. That's not HUGE but it stacks up fast and as your business grows so do the demands on your time.

SUPPORT COMES WITH A COST! If you outsource: 15 Minutes Per Day @ $20 Per Hour = $1,800 a year If you do it yourself: It's 90 hours you could be doing more productive tasks. Which means – A chatbot built to handle support will save you money or give you back LOTS of time! Here's just a few ways a has the ability to help: – Keep customers happy with 24/7 ‘always there' good support. – Save time by answering repetitive or common questions. – Reduce refunds by helping frustrated/confused buyers of your item. – Save costs of live chat or helpdesk services fees. – Minimize support staffing costs.

And unlike real support staff team, your bots won't get tired, they won't arrive late at the office and they'll never call in sick 🙂 You could teach your bot to answer common questions like: “Do you have set up instructions/videos” “How can I access my products/downloads” “How do I install this app/software” “How do I reset my password?” “Where are the set up instructions?” “How do I unzip a file” “Do you have an affiliate program” “Can I get a discount” “How much is shipping to … ” And potentially thousands more – SEE MORE EXAMPLES

AS Consulting

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Training a support bot will likely be an ongoing process but you only ever need to answer a question once. Once you've saved an answer, the next time someone asks your bot that question it will know how to reply and respond accordingly. An easy way to create a great first impression in seconds, and it's a champion in giving you more free time. And the cool thing is if you get ChitChatChimp today you'll benefit from: ZERO CHAT LIMITS – Your bots can have UNLIMITED monthly chats. NO ANSWER LIMITS – No limits on how many answers you add to your bot. NO TRICKY CODING – Create your first bot in just a few minutes. Don't Miss Out on the game – Build Your Bot Today. The speed at which it learns is amazing- there's nothing else on its level!

AS Consulting

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To Your Success P.S. Watch for my email tomorrow I have another bot building idea that I know you'll love!