Turn your website into a sales pumping engine

Turn your website into a “sales pumping engine” that Facebook and Google love!

I hate to say this, but if you’re using pop up or overlays to convert more visitors into leads and sales… Could you be secretly getting punished by Facebook and Google for your current sales pumping engine?

FB and Google look like they are now cutting off traffic, suffocating exposure and burying you below other people’s posts and search results…

… while simultaneously raising your advertising costs without evening telling you.

So, while you’re trying to be a smarter marketer, Google and Facebook look like they are pulling the rug from under your feet.

It’s totally uncool, and it drives me crazy.

Why are they penalizing sites with pop-ups and overlays?

Because apparently, people are getting freakin’ tired of them… and they don’t want to send their users to pages that have them.

Me? I kinda like using pop-ups and overlays, so I wish things were different… but I guess Facebook and Google don’t share my opinion, so just like you, I have to ADAPT.

And here’s how…

There’s one thing you can do right now, to avoid getting penalized by Google and Facebook… and turn more traffic into leads, subscribers, and sales… and that’s by using video avatars.

People freakin LOVE that human feel to avatars.

It’s why Domino’s pizza use them…

… along with thousands of other major brands and marketing companies…

… because they know the power of avatars.

They’re like boxes and live support on overdrive…

… converting skeptical tire kickers into sales on a whole new level.

And instead of using pop-ups and overlays to try and get subscribers and sales, these avatars give you a huge green light in Google and Facebook…

… which means higher rankings, more visibility, more clicks and cheaper traffic, day after day.

Imagine what a realistic, human talking avatar could do for your income… grabbing attention and guiding your visitor to take the exact action you want them to take, like clockwork?

Now it’s finally possible, and it’s the most powerful A.I video avatar I’ve seen on the market today…

Get yours here, before this special offer closes:

Click HERE

This deal is closing in 4 days… act now to get it at the lowest possible price, before it’s too late.

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