Why Google My Business ?

Do you want to take your Local Business to the next Sales level but don’t know how?

GMB helps small and medium sized business owners receive more “Google Love” in their search engine rankings. As we know being ranked 1st or 2nd place substantially improves your opportunities. GMB increases a business’ online presence by providing relevant data to customers via their cell phone.

When a prospective customer searches for a particular business, it’s more useful if a map of the business location pops up for them to view, followed by the business hours and all of the customer reviews. A verified GMB listing does all of this.


The Benefits of Being Listed on GMB

According to Google, at least 50% of cell phone users searching for local businesses will visit that business within a day of their search; and of those, 18% will actually make a purchase.

And GMB has even more to offer.


The Advantages of a Verified GM Listing:

  • Online Business Directory including all relevant biz data.
  • All data in the verified listing is clickable.
  • All of the Business Data is properly displayed on any device.
  • It's available to both local and online
  • You can post photos and videos about your business.
  • Access to Google metrics on your business
  • GMB drives targeted traffic to your website
  • Customers can read and write reviews.
  • FREE

GMB offers the best single digital location to list all of your business data, while displaying images and videos of your business.

Plus, as an added benefit, it also helps your local business to appear in search engine results, Google maps and Google+ pages and searches.

Why Google? Because it is where most people go to find your business!


Here are more compelling statistics for your business:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find almost all local information
  • 50% of local mobile searches resulted in a store visit within a day of the search, and
  • 34% of computer & tablet searches also resulted in a store visit


Your Pain

At this moment you are probably thinking how much your Business must be losing in terms of Customers and Sales if you are NOT already properly listed in GMB. You could be losing many thousands per day if not more. And you would be 100% correct.

You are also thinking that you don’t have time to work on GMB yourself and don’t have the patience or the skills either. Well the good news is:

[alert alert_heading=”Please Note:” alert_text=”We can Help YOU Create Your GMB Listing. And as a Bonus we will also provide you with up to 3 other ‘Google My Business Listings' so that you can offer your product and services in other local locations too!ll text…..” alert_style=”alert-info”/]

All you need to do is Email us at simon.weiner@asconsulting.com.pl , complete a form with the required Business Data and pay our Fee, provide us 5 of your best business images and we will do the rest.

Every day costs you lost Sales and Profits. What are you waiting for? Contact us now at simon.weiner@asconsulting.com.pl .



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